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LED High Bay Lighting Does Not Shine?

LED high bay lighting is one of the widely used industrial and commercial lighting fixtures. It is famous for the features of high luminance, long service time and low energy consumption. However, we are hard to avoid various kinds of problems, like fixtures darkening one by one or even not shine during use procedure, etc. Now, let's see the reasons why LED high bay lighting darkens or even doesn't shine.

led high bay.jpgIf LED high bay lighting darkens, it means there's some problem about the lamp bead. In LED fixtures, all lamp beads are divided into several strings. Lamp beads in each string are connected in series while strings in the fixture are connected in parallel. Therefore, any bead in the string is broken; the rest beads in the string don’t shine any more. Worse still, if each string has one broken lamp bead, the whole fixture is out of work. In this situation, it's necessary to consider whether there are some problems about the capacitance or resistance. As a matter of fact, it's not hard to distinguish the broken lamp bead in appearance due to the reason that there is a black dot in the center of lamp bead.  

If LED high bay lighting doesn't shine, it means there's some problem about the driver. Make sure there's no problem about the circuit if fixture doesn’t shine. In the condition of normal circuit, it's likely that driver breaks down. Light emitting diode has a very high requirement about current and voltage. It is unable to shine in any large or small current or voltage. Just because of this, all LED light fixtures have equipped with driver, aiming to maintain constant current and voltage. When switch on the fixture, if all lamp beads don't shine suddenly, paramount consideration is driver so it is imperative to replace a new driver. 

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